a few things

i thought i might tell you

about December 10th.

10 December 2017 by elizabeth

Things I was successful at today:

1.  Baking bread. After the Saturday Burn, I mixed up white and whole wheat doughs last night and baked them today at 25 degrees lower and they both came out dreamy. I’ve eaten half the white one already. The wheat one went into the freezer for next weekend.

2. Buying yarn. Which I 100% do not need to do but having finished my sweater yesterday, the urge to cast on another fingering weight sweater was overwhelming, and not being much of a sock knitter, I don’t have a lot of fingering weight in stash. Plus I get 10% off in December (it being my birthday month and me being a Very Good Customer) so really it was very wise for me to get a sweater quantity of yarn today.

3. Casting on said new sweater. It’s going to be a Breton stripe type thing. I’m really excited.

4 . Watching three episodes of The Crown. I’ve just finished Episode 5 which had a few seconds of “Here’s the real-life deal about this episode’s storyline” at the end and it was fascinating. This show is so well done and Claire Foy deserves every accolade she gets but also Matt Smith is amazing.

Things I was not successful at today:

1. Pretty much anything actually responsible or productive. I’m 100% fine with that.

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