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09 December 2017 by elizabeth

8:00 am: I had a dream last night that my house burned down. Good times! It’s because I left the downstairs heater on last night, which I never do, but otherwise it would have been too cold for my no-knead bread to proof, so I left it on with a passing thought of “I hope it doesn’t short out and catch on fire” (it’s a very old electric wall unit heater) and presto, in my dreams, my house burned down. Like, spectacularly and with realism, where I was inside and realized it was on fire and ran outside and watched it burn and it never even occurred to me that I was dreaming, and so there was great relief when I woke up.

10:30 am: It’s snowing right now, and it’s lovely. The bread is on its second two-hour proof, I have coffee, there is Chex Mix in the oven, and I am watching knitting podcasts while furiously trying to finish my sweater sleeve which will mean finishing the sweater.

Speaking of the snow, I always read the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, and I do love them, but a few years ago they predicted a massive snowstorm which led to government shutdowns and school closings and no work, and it ended up just kind of raining all day, and everyone was all “WTAF?”. And ever since then, their snow forecasts in particular have been hilariously waffling. Here’s a couple of bullet points from their latest update:

“We continue to expect 1 to 4 inches in most of the area… Based on the latest information, we somewhat favor the lower end of our predicted snowfall ranges.”

“Given a delayed start, there may also be a delayed end. Pushing the end time back into the evening is certainly a possibility.”

In other words, it might snow a bit but it might not and it might end soon-ish but also maybe later LOOK FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T HOLD US TO ANYTHING WHAT DO WE KNOW.

12:45 pm: My bread is in the oven and IT SMELLS AMAZING. I browsed the comments on the NYT recipe and decided to try half AP and half whole wheat flour. Everything else I followed to the letter.

1:20 pm: Alas, the bread burned, basically the entire bottom. I will let it cool and very likely eat it anyway, but I mixed up more dough to bake tomorrow morning (because it is flour and salt and water and yeast and takes 90 seconds). My oven is new and apparently it runs hot? Or, I just left it in there too long. Who knows.

2:00 pm: I turned on ESPN as I was expecting a KU basketball game right now, and it turns out that the game is actually at 2:00 tomorrow, but I did get to see Duke lose, which is always nice. Shall watch The Crown instead.

5:15 pm: I have just finished FaceTiming with my parents. This happens every weekend. Confession, there are weekends when I’d be fine not doing it, but it’s one of those things where it’s important to them and they’re important to me, so I do it. (Like, tonight they literally said “You know this is the highlight of our week” and I laughed and my dad turned to my mother and said “Look at her, she thinks we’re kidding.”)

And, I finished the sweater right before. YAY. It’s my first ever fingering weight sweater. Fingering weight yarn is very thin yarn, so knitting a sweater out of it uses a lot more and takes a lot longer than the yarn one usually uses to knit sweaters, so I have avoided them out of laziness. But the truth is that they usually fit better and look nicer, especially if your size runs larger, so I really should knit more of them, but GAH they just take so long.

7:00 pm: Pizza and hard root beer. I KNOW HOW TO ROCK A SATURDAY NIGHT.

Also, I threw away the bread. Will try again tomorrow.

8:00 pm: Spider-Man: Homecoming. Have not seen it before. I caught up on like five Avenger movies during the two weeks in August between leaving my last job and starting my new one, just so I could go see this in the theater, but then never actually did.

10:30 pm: Still watching Spider-Man because I keep pausing it to do other things, like text Melissa about bubbly wine preferences and look up fingering weight sweater patterns. It’s really delightful though. Ned! I mean honestly.

11:38 pm: I’m still watching and still texting and still browsing and will probably be doing all three beyond midnight so I’m posting it now. (I don’t plan on doing one of these tomorrow, although it felt very Bridget Jones-ish and made me think it’s time for a re-read even though the book is now old enough to drink.) Night, everyone.

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