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08 December 2017 by elizabeth

I had to get my professional picture taken at work this morning. (Bleargh.) On the plus side, we got an email that said every day is jeans day between now and the end of the year, which is nice. I mean, my dress-and-leggings uniform that I wear the other four days of the week (Friday is jeans day all year) is basically as comfortable as jeans, but it’s nice to have the option.

I have one episode of Alias Grace left. This is a very, very good show. Sarah Gadon is amazing and I was stunned to learn she is not actually Irish. I like that it has been written and produced by Sarah Polley and she brought in Paul Gross and Martha Burns and probably other lovely Canadian people from Slings and Arrows that I don’t necessarily remember, and it’s all made me want to watch that series over again. (Paul Gross has turned into a much handsomer James Brolin. Or maybe has been turned into one for this show, but either way I’m here for it.)

It’s supposed to snow here in the morning, a couple of inches maybe, and it may not stick around that long since the ground isn’t that cold yet, but snow is snow and I am pleased and it makes me want to do wintery things, like wear pajamas all day while knitting and eating pizza and marathoning The Crown and making (more) Chex mix and baking NYT no-knead bread, all of which I plan to do tomorrow.

(It is a very, very exciting life I lead.)

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