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about December 5th, a winter’s night

05 December 2017 by elizabeth

It’s not really a winter’s night, I feel like that requires snow. But it’s a chilly, rainy, drizzly night, and that’s pretty close.

I left work. There was enough gas to get me home, but not enough to get me to and fro tomorrow. There are nights when stopping anywhere after work feels like it requires too much energy, but I knew I’d be sad when I got in my car in the morning because I am always basically late anyway (my boss works in the San Diego office, so I have a little bit of leeway, but rolling in at 10AM is still a Bit Not Good) so here’s a thing I said out loud to myself in the car when I was leaving work: “If you stop for gas tonight, you can have Christmas Crunch Berries for dinner.”

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I’ll be 46 years old in two weeks, and I use crap cereal to bribe myself to adult. (In my defense, I do only ever eat Crunch Berries at Christmas. It’s like Chex Mix. There’s a season for it, and that season is now.)

Anyway, there was gas, and then there was home for the well-earned cereal and also a slice of peanut butter toast in the interests of ingesting¬†some nutrition, and during dinner there was an episode of As Time Goes By (sidebar, I have watched an episode of this almost every day for almost ten years, I have seen them all six thousand times, there’s always a dozen or so on the TiVo, they are total comfort television) and then there was going to be The Crown but I soon realized I received bad intel from my dad today about it being out already (it’s totally not, and I think he got his intel from my mother, which no one should do) so instead I watched the first episode of Alias Grace which was very good, and knit some hat. Then there might have been some Scandal in Belgravia on the laptop while I took a bath and got ready for bed and strung remote control fairy lights over my new bedroom furniture, because fairy lights you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off are the bee’s knees.

And now, hopefully, there shall be sleeping. There was no sleeping last night until after 2AM, which hasn’t happened in a while, and I would very much like it to not happen again right now.

Also, I think it’s fairly evident that I am ridiculously out of practice at this journaling palaver, but I didn’t want to go out after a mere four days.

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