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03 December 2017 by elizabeth

I didn’t get dressed today. The best kind of Sundays are the Sundays I have everything I need to survive until Monday. Which today included leftover beef stew, Chex Mix makings, and the Hallmark channel. (I swear, I only watch the ones that involve a lodge.) (So far they have all involved a lodge.)

I FaceTimed with my parents, a thing we do every weekend. My dad fake-yelled at me for telling him to listen to Dirty John (“That woman is CRAZY”) and then they spoke wistfully about Longmire, which apparently just ended. Is it just my parents, or does a certain age bracket go bananas for that show? I’ve seen one episode, while I was home one time, and it was fine but nothing I felt like I needed to see again. They seemed to think I should reconsider.

I did some more work on the guest room though you really can’t tell by looking at it. I wielded a box cutter for a while without injuring myself, though.

Back to work tomorrow. Work is stressful. I started a new job after Labor Day, and it was a change I absolutely needed to make, but having been at my last job for four years, I forget about this initial period time, the necessary adjustment time where you feel a little bit like you are stealing your salary because you don’t know anything and are generally ineffective. I don’t like not knowing anything, and I don’t like being ineffective.

It’s also very lonely. I came from a firm where 90% of my department and the lawyers I worked with were in the same office I was. Now every single member of my team is in a different office around the country, I only have about three lawyers I work with in DC, and I can go the entire day without speaking to anyone except the secretary I pass when I go to the kitchen. I think this part will get better once I get busier, but I still have doubts about how it’s going to be long-term.

Anyway. That’s three for three with Holidailies, but starting on a Friday helped for sure. Still, in the spirit of positive thinking, I will see you tomorrow!




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