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i thought i might tell you

about December 2nd.

02 December 2017 by elizabeth

How I spent my Saturday:

1. Woke up with the worst headache, a tension headache around my scalp and neck. It took three Aleve over the course of two hours and some caffeine to finally and completely let up.

(Okay, Holidailies confession time, I am fairly certain this is because two weeks ago I got Botoxed. Or more accurately, Dysported. There are three deep lines in between my eyebrows and they are all I see whenever I see my face in the mirror or in a picture. They are definitely a result of being confused a lot during the day, but it’s the worst when I am asleep, and I regularly wake up with my brows bunched together so hard it hurts. My hunch is that now, because that muscle can’t contract the way it did, the tension has to go somewhere, so it just does a number on my whole head. This is obviously completely unscientific and probably not entirely true, but the fact is that I have had really bizarre dreams and I wake up with weirdo headaches ever since I had it done. We’ll see if it is a temporary side effect, but if not, I suppose I will have to let the Dysport wear off and live with a constant expression of confusion for the rest of my days.)

ANYWAY. I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, read the news about the Republican Senators’ revolting middle-of-the-night assault on the 99%, and made a snarky comment on Facebook.

Which garnered a snarky reply from my cousin’s wife who is a Trump supporter which utterly baffles me considering she has been a public school teacher for twenty years. (Her comment was actually 100% accurate, probably not in the way she intended, but allowed me to politely reply “That’s very true” and we seem to both be satisfied at that.) But also: SIGH. I very rarely post anything political on Facebook – I very rarely post anything at all – and the fact that the one time I post something expressing my opinion, I get snarked by a cousin who I otherwise happen to like, it’s just… sigh.

2. Went to Target because of malfunctioning Christmas tree lights. My tree is a few years old and came pre-lit, and only half of each strand of lights worked when I plugged them in, resulting in a striped effect that was not pleasing. So I went in search of more lights, and apparently 5PM on the first Saturday in December is a terrible time to buy tree lights, as they were completely out of any white ones longer than 50-bulb strands, so I bought six of those. My tree is now very shiny, and fortunately the lights match well enough that I can’t tell which are the originals and which are the new ones. (I don’t know if you’ve ever bought a pre-lit tree, but there is no way those lights are coming off.) Trimming shall commence shortly.

3. Knitted on three different things. There’s a Pavement Sweater (Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Sock in Cooper Circle) that is half a stockinette sleeve away from being done but LORD the second half of a second sleeve on a fingering weight sweater is a SLOG. There are Selbu Mittens (Brooklyn Tweed Arbor in Treehouse and Thaw), I’m about two-thirds of the way through the first one. And there is a Skiff Hat (Shepherd’s Wool in Royal Blue) which I just cast on today and am about an inch into the ribbing. All of these, BTW, are for me. I’m a ridiculously selfish knitter. Aside from a baby sweater now and then, I don’t knit gifts.

4. Spent an hour on the guest room, which at this moment is a storage unit for all the crap that I need to get rid of before I finally officially formally start the actual home-buying process. My goal is to have it finally cleared out by MLK weekend, and frankly that’s going to be a challenge. It’s disastrous. (It’s really all just the-last-15-years-of-my-life clutter that needs to be purged. And cardboard. SO MUCH CARDBOARD. I am the literal worst at breaking down boxes in a timely manner when I can just throw them into my guest room to deal with later.)

5. Made beef stew in the Instant Pot. (I looooooove my Instant Pot. I bought it last October and it changed my life. Being able to go from frozen chicken breast to dinner in half an hour made it worth every penny.) I’m now at the point where I can basically make up my own recipe, so: dredge a pound and a half of stew meat in seasoned flour (salt/pepper/garlic/rosemary/thyme), saute it in the IP, add a can of beef broth, some baby carrots, a quartered onion, maybe 15 halved new potatoes, more S/P/G/R/T, high pressure for 35 minutes, deliciousness.

6. Read some other Holidailies entries. Hello people! I have not yet figured out how to like your entries, but I will work on that. (ETA: Apparently you need to be logged in to like entries! The more you know.)

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