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08 December 2015 by elizabeth

Season 3 of Hannibal came out on DVD today! There’s some fine holiday fun.

I honestly do not know what is with me and this show. I’m not a particular Thomas Harris fan. Silence of the Lambs scared the shit out of me in college, just like everyone else. I read the book “Hannibal” in law school and didn’t like it that much. I’ve never read any of the other books, or seen any of the other movies.

I’m also not into blood and guts and gore. I don’t like horror, generally, as a genre. I watched the first season of The Walking Dead and gave up on it because I was tired of people covered in guts all the time.

But this show. This show had some of the most revolting things I’ve ever seen (that writers’ room must have been hilarious) but I was completely sucked in from the beginning. The acting from everyone, regulars and guest stars (Eddie Izzard! Raul Esparza!), was exceptional. It was beautifully filmed. The relationship between Hannibal and Will was so fucked up and yet, weirdly, understandable. I loved how they presented Season 2 – the first thing you see in the season opener is a fight from the season finale, which created this weird tension because you knew at least a little bit about where you were headed. When the season finale did air, I had to watch it more than once (or possibly more than twice), even though it was really nothing but people bleeding all over everything. The Red Dragon stuff in Season 3 took some getting used to – I liked my Hannibal with more actual Hannibal – but once I was in it, I was in it, and the finale just wrecked me.

I’m still, months later, all kinds of bitter about the cancellation. I saw an interview with Bryan Fuller before it was cancelled where he mapped out the whole six-season arc through the storylines that exist already (although I think they were still haggling over the rights to the character of Clarice), and it would have been some fantastic television.

Alas. I think I moaned on Twitter about how all the shows I love either get cancelled or only put out episodes every two years.

At least we are living in the future, where cancellation doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. I didn’t rewatch Season 3 at all after it aired, so I’m queueing it up for that sleepy lull between Christmas and New Year’s. Good times.

A couple of murder husbands (and Bedelia Scully) want to invite you for dinner.


I wrote this while listening to…

Frostbitten (EP) by Ivy Levan

I love Ivy Levan so much. This “Carol of the Bells” is badass. (Her other EP, “Introducing the Dame,” is fucking brilliant, please go listen to it.) 



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