a few things

i thought i might tell you

about Saturday.

05 December 2015 by elizabeth

Nine things that happened today:

1. Well into week three of being generally sick and now there’s a fun sore throat that showed up just in the past couple of days, I went to the urgent care place on the off chance that there was something more than the world’s worst headcold going on. The nurse practitioner who came in to see me noticed my KU sweatshirt and said she grew up in Kansas City, and we had that conversation and she graduated from a neighboring high school in the same district, and then she said there’s nothing wrong with me except the world’s worst headcold and to get a neti pot and drink plenty of fluids. (I got the neti pot. The less said about that the better. Ugh.)

2. I met a friend from the play I did in the spring for coffee and baked goods while her daughter was at an acting lesson in my neighborhood.

3. I went into Old Town to buy some yarn and ended up paying back all the good parking karma I have ever received in my entire life. I circled block after block for almost a half an hour, and every few minutes I’d see a car pulling into a space that wasn’t there a minute ago, or I’d see one pull out of a space I’d just passed, and I can’t believe that I didn’t give up but eventually it became a war of attrition with the parking gods, until I finally found a space. (Part of this problem is that Old Town recently went from 2 to 3 hour street parking, which is great 11 months out of the year but sucks on Saturdays in December, especially today, when there were about five different holiday events happening.)

4. I bought some yarn. Well, I say “some.” (My yarn store gives you 10% off everything the whole month of your birthday once you have reached the highest level of their customer loyalty program. I do a lot of stocking up in December.)

5. I changed in to pajamas at 2pm.

6. I finished Season 3 of Buffy.

7. I decided to take a break from Buffy and watch this British show called London Spy which is super creepy and I’m not really sure I’m following the plot that well but it stars Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent and they’re just astonishing actors.

8. I had some tea. I started drinking mint tea at work while I’ve been sick, and now I’m having mint tea at home. I have never been a tea drinker. I have probably had more cups of tea in the last three weeks than I have had ever until the last three weeks. Mint, with honey. It’s soothing. Which you tea drinkers probably already knew.

9. I did that texting thing where you end up having two separate but overlapping conversations at once, and it was a little bizarre because one of them was about my brother and the other was about Jamie Dornan’s ass. (Fifty Shades of Grey has started on airing on HBO. If you find yourself watching it, feel free to text me while doing so. This has now happened with two friends in the last week and it’s been highly entertaining.)

I wrote this while listening to…

Snow Globe by Erasure

If you think it’s weird that Erasure made a Christmas album, you’re right. And the album is weird, but most of it is a good weird. “Gaudete” is amazing. “The Christmas Song” will give you a headache.



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