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04 December 2015 by elizabeth

So it’s only Day Four and I already feel like I’ve run out of stuff to talk about. (On the grand scheme of things, my life is not that interesting, and for right now that is okay, but it doesn’t make for good Holidaily writing.)

Anyway, I was sitting here on the couch, staring at the thing I see when I sit on the couch, trying to think of something to write about. And I decided to write about what I’m staring at.

It’s this.

(Go ahead and click on it a couple of times to see it in full detail. I tried to take a photo of my print, but the light’s weird and it comes out yellowy beigy and this is just way better.)

I bought this in September of 2014. I can’t remember how I first found it; I imagine it was linked on social media somewhere, and when I saw it, and it took my breath away. It just so happens that the day before I had had my annual review, and received a nice raise, and I decided to reward myself, and lo, I owned actual legitimate art.

It’s amazing. Each name is lettered in roughly the location in London where that character lived or worked. There’s Sherlock, and Harry, and Bridget, and Adrian Mole and Eliza Doolittle and the Woman in White and my beloved Frank Doel at 84 Charing Cross Road. There are characters from the 18th century to the 21st, children’s books and young adult, everything from Dickens to Wodehouse to Neil Gaiman to Sophie Kinsella, for crying out loud. The artist has taken some liberties – like, Aphra Behn is in there, and she was a real person, and there are a couple of Doctor Who references, which is not exactly literature – but who cares? My reading list exploded from looking up all the characters I hadn’t heard of before, and I’m still not sure that I’ve taken note of every single one that’s in it.

It’s basically the best thing I could have ever found to stare at from my couch.

And so, when I had another annual review a couple of months ago, I went back to Dex’s store, and, not being made of stone, ordered a second print. I haven’t had this one framed yet, but when I do, it’s going in my office:

Be still my heart.

(P.S.: Artfinder is amazing. Someday I will buy something other than this artist, and it will probably be through Artfinder. Browse around if you have a few minutes.)

I wrote this while listening to…

Libera: The Christmas Album

Who doesn’t love a good children’s choir? I really like this album because (1) you can hear them really well (as opposed to other cathedral choir recordings where you also hear all the empty air) and (2) the arrangements are lovely, different enough to be interesting without making the traditional melodies unrecognizable. The choir is from St. Philip’s in Norbury, a little bit south of Hercule Poirot.


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