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i thought i might tell you

about December.

01 December 2015 by elizabeth

(Hello? Is this thing on?)

(Wow, this is way more intimidating than I thought it would be. I’m so out of practice.)

Introductions? Some people are starting with introductions. I can’t imagine that anyone will be reading this who doesn’t already know me, but hi, I’m Elizabeth. I live in Alexandria, Virginia, I’m a lawyer who works at a law firm except not as a lawyer, I wrote online from 1998 to 2004, I knit like a crazy person, I act in community theater from time to time, parts of my heart live in New York City and London and Paris, I’m nuts about British television, I am a super-late-blooming science nerd, and I love the month of December.

This is the part where I make people go crazy by saying that I love winter, but I love winter. I just do. I love that it gets dark early. I love bundling up. I love steaming mugs of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever that you wrap your hands around. I think snow makes everything beautiful.

My birthday is December 19th, and it’s the best birthday. Last year for my birthday weekend I took a solo trip to Montréal, where the temperature ranged from 28 degrees down to 7. I loved every minute of it.


And I do love Christmas, despite having lost my religion years ago. I love the cheesy traditional animated holiday specials. I love my own cheesy traditions, like the five movies I watch every December, and my annual re-reading of Little Women (sometimes the whole thing, sometimes just the best parts). I love my little tree, and the story in every ornament, and I love the lights on a timer, so they’re on when I come downstairs in the morning and when I get home from work at night. I love greeting cards, both sending and receiving, especially ones that have handwriting in them somewhere. (The handwriting ones, I cherish.) And, yes, confession, I absolutely love the music. There are years when I am ready for Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

So, yeah. I’m all in with December. And now there’s this, this writing thing, which I am going to try heartily. And speaking of music, and of trying to write every day, I decided I need a thing, a hook, something I can write about even when I have nothing to write about, so what the hell, it’ll be Christmas music. Thanks for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow.

I wrote this while listening to…

 December, by George Winston.

It’s tradition, listening to this album for the first time every year on December 1st. I then listen to it all month long, but particularly today. It’s been playing the entire time I’ve been writing this. It’s winter in music. Every note is perfect.



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  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this!

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